Rachel and Kiana had the sweetest intimate and emotional wedding surrounded by their closest family and friends on the Redwood Deck in the Hoyt Arboretum.  They have been together 9 years, which makes it even more special.  They met in college as roommates in their dorm.  After their vows in the forest, they treated their guests to an amazing spread at Plaza Del Toro. The day was so fun and filled with laughter and delicious food.  I absolutely love taking photographs in Hoyt Arboretum because it reminds me of the setting of a fairy tale.  It has such a magical feel to it, so getting to shoot a wedding on the redwood deck was extra special for me. I’ll remember this wedding for a long time to come. I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed as much as I did with these two.


Hoyt Arboretum Redwood Deck Wedding

Two Brides in hoyt arboretum for redwood deck wedding

Brides holding hands in Hoyt Arboretum Redwood Deck Wedding

Brides laughing in Hoyt Arboretum redwood deck wedding

Watching the chef at Plaza del Torro prepare the paella was such a treat. The final product was a work of art filled with so many flavors and textures. He said even the direction and strength of the wind can affect how it turns out, so he had to be very vigilant.

Two brides embracing and kissing in portland oregon